About Us

The world of technology has been changing very rapidly around us, and the many forms we have presented to our readers continue to inspire more growth. In the few years of business that our platform has been providing knowledge for our growing number of readers, we have changed the lives of many, who testify to the joys that come from being informed. with so much of our lives being decided by how much we have managed to use technology, knowledge is fast becoming the deciding factor in as far as the quality of lives we lead.

Bully Blends aims to go as far as where each story happens, researching each idea thoroughly to confirm before publishing, that the truth is only what the final reader experience. The challenges to that simple task seem to mount on the researches even more as stories happen. The developing stories have also featured in socially gathered sources, the likes of Twitter and Facebook, sometimes with false data, making it hard to even publish or carry on with a story. The talents that work with Billy Blends have been able to see through all that through long established relationships with sources right where the news happens.

Being mainly a platform that brings together bright people to the ritual of knowledge upgrade, we have seen some of today’s most intuitive minds come forth and make their thoughts known on the issues that shape how everyone lives, and we would like to believe that through such discussions, we are taking part in an evolutionary process much bigger than ourselves and even bigger than the ideas we started the platform with.

Many changes do take place around the platform too, and for that reason, we have managed to quickly accept what needs to be altered while also pivoting on what can’t be changed to move forward. Just staying close to the minds and hearts of our readers, is a task enough to last us a lifetime trying to achieve. It is a good thing that passion keeps growing in the platform both internally and externally through thousands of weekly visitors.

We are young at hear, eager to learn and teach anyone that desires the same type of knowledge for which we thirst. MAny of our team members allo for new things to happen, what they don’t allow is for out readers to hear about it from elsewhere.