How To Make a EB5 Business Plan

As an investor, you understand the importance of business plans. You’ve reviewed and written them over your career. Now, it’s time to prepare your EB-5 business plan to submit with the rest of your documentation for your EB-5 visa application.

A business plan is a road map for the launch of your business, from planning to the first few months and years. It’s a living document, so it can be changed as you see fit. However, a business plan for EB-5 applications is a little different. It is uniquely prepared for the USCIS officer who is reviewing your application. An immigration officer needs to understand your business and how you will bring jobs and benefits to the U.S., specifically how your business will succeed and fulfill the job creation requirement.

All EB-5 plans must be Matter of Ho compliant. Matter of Ho defined what is considered a comprehensive business plan for these visa applications: the plan should contain a description of the business, its products or services (or both), and its objectives. Here’s how you can create a Matter of Ho compliant EB-5 business plan:

The description of the business, services/products, and objectives need to describe the manufacturing or production process, supply sources, and other relevant details.

The market analysis needs to include a list of the competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and an analysis of their financial data and products, services and pricing.

Describe the target market you plan to go after. Explain why you expect them to purchase your product or service. Do you already have business in the U.S.? Describe those clients and contracts, and any terms included in them.
Outline any permits, licenses and other project-specific information you’ll need.

Provide an overview of your marketing and sales strategies. Be as specific as possible as to your pricing, advertising, and marketing plans. Explain how you will provide the products or services to your customers. Will you use Google AdWords? Facebook Ads? Newspaper ads or native advertising? Banner ads online? Create an online resource page on your website? All these marketing or advertising tactics can be included in your plan to show your overall business.

You should also include the organization structure and personal information you have available. Include resumes of people you already have working for you, and job descriptions of the other roles you’ll be hiring for. Detail the benefits and pay you will offer employees.

The last section should be your financial data. Include projections for the first five years. Also include sales data, costs and expenses, balance sheets, cash flow, and other financial information to help USCIS understand how your investment will be a stable business that can create jobs in the U.S.

Finally, if you have any documentation you can attach, be sure to include an appendix. These can be resumes, deeds or leases, financial statements, etc.

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