Getting Custom Fitted Night Guards for Tmj Treatment

A TMJ Disorder can really affect a person’s health. This begins in the mouth region with a popping kind of sound when a person is chewing.

In addition, there is some amount of tenderness feeling in the jaw area. TMJ also has other repercussions like severe headaches to a ringing sensation in the ears and even pain in the shoulders.

TMJ disorders are, in most events, the result of misalignment of the jaw. They may be an aftereffect of some tension and stress related issues as well. One can feel pain in the jaws at times. Also, it is possible that one is not able to open one’s mouth wide open when a person is attempting eating. In addition, sleep apnea may be one of the end results.

Custom fitted night guards are a source of treatment

A good dentist will be able to design custom-fitted night guards. These are meant to be worn at night while a person is sleeping. With these, the jaw gets properly aligned. With time, one will certainly be able to better the symptoms associated with TMJ. Even sleep apnea problems can get sorted out with this line of treatment. This is due to the fact that the airway is not obstructed anymore when a person is sleeping. Thus, a person is able to take rest and there is lessening of the discomfort which one can experience due to this condition. Night guards present a simplistic kind of treatment for this issue. Also, as touched upon before, they bring in a good amount of relief as well.

Night guards can be ordered online

Teeth grinding is a very troublesome problem. There is long term damage done to the teeth due to this as well. One can even order a custom night guard online. The teeth impression is taken by the patient himself or herself with a home impression kit. These impressions help a dental laboratory expert to design a custom fit night guard and ship it across to the patient. The price spent on this night guard ordered online is much less compared to the cost of visiting a dentist and getting a set made from him or her.

It is a fact that even a dentist does not make the night guards by himself or herself. They take an impression of the teeth and send it to a dental lab. It is the lab which actually structures out a set of dental night guards. With the online purchases, one can sidestep the work of the dentist. As touched upon before, the home impression kits allow a patient to take the impressions himself or herself.  In a way, with this method, one can get the product at the so-called ‘factory price’ itself, without giving the middle men any money. Thus, it leads to a good amount of savings. Some online websites even offer an 110 percent return on the total amount if the customer is not fully satisfied with the night guards.

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