Gum Graft in California: Our Top 5 Surgery Survival Tips

A gum graft in California is a type common type of oral surgery performed by a periodontist to support or thicken gums that have begun receding. Today, we’re sharing our top 5 survival tips to help you get through the surgery.

Tip #1: Plan to have a family member or friend drive you to and from your appointment. If a patient is feeling particularly uncomfortable or anxious, some periodontists will offer sedation when performing a gum graft in California. Just in case you do need sedation, it’s best to have someone drive you to and from the appointment.

Tip #2: Load up an iPod with your favorite music and bring it with you. Having music to listen to during your gum graft in California can make all the difference in the world. Even though the procedure is rather quiet, having music as a calming distraction can definitely help patients relax.

Tip #3: Avoid acidic foods such as tomato- or citrus-based dishes. Many patients barely notice any pain at all. Some do report a stinging sensation as the area begins to heal. Consuming acidic foods can intensify the stinging feeling substantially, so try to avoid them. Keep in mind that citric acid is commonly found in prepared foods, so don’t take any chances, read the label!

Tip #4: Prepare some soft foods that don’t require much preparation before your procedure. When you return home, you’ll probably want to spend the rest of the day napping and resting. After the first 24 hours, you should begin to feel more like yourself. While you should be able to talk normally and do some activities, you may feel more tired than usual and not have an abundance of energy.

Having some soft, prepackaged foods that don’t require much preparation can really save the day. Before going in for your gum graft in California, go to the market and purchase some quick meals that are easy to make or that don’t require any prep work at all. These can include pudding, ice cream, yogurt smoothies, etc.

Another tip is to prepare some iced tea the evening before your procedure and put the used tea bags in a plastic storage bag in the refrigerator to use as a compress for your gums when you return home. The tannins in the tea bags help the blood clot and drinking the cold tea can help reduce any stinging you may experience.

Tip #5: Schedule your surgery for the latter part of the week. Schedule your surgery for a Thursday or Friday so you’ll have the weekend to recover. You should begin feeling more like yourself by Monday.

Your gum graft in California doesn’t have to be painful or even uncomfortable. Follow these tips for the best possible experience. If you’re wondering if a gum graft can improve your oral health, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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