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Outpatient Knee Replacement in Louisiana: What Can You Expect?

Outpatient knee replacement in Louisiana – what will it look like? Is total knee replacement an outpatient procedure? What can I expect during my stay at an outpatient center? How is same-day joint surgery different from regular, inpatient surgery? These questions are all common for patients awaiting or considering an outpatient knee replacement.

An outpatient knee replacement also called a “same-day knee replacement” means that the entire procedure and hospital stay lasts less than 24 hours. Outpatient knee replacement surgery is not for everyone but is sometimes preferred amongst patients and especially surgeons.

What are the Benefits of Outpatient Knee Replacement in Louisiana?

  • More advanced care. Since outpatient centers are newer, these ambulatory facilities tend to be more technologically advanced.
  • A greater focus on pre-op preparation. The more mentally, physically, and environmentally prepared you are for surgery, the lower your risk, the better your outcome, and faster your recovery.
  • Higher patient satisfaction. Studies suggest outpatient joint patients are more satisfied with their replacement and the care they’ve received.
  • Lower rates of infection. The shorter the stay in a care facility, the lower the risk of hospital infections.
  • Recover at-home. You can recover in your own space where you are comfortable.

To be a candidate for same-day knee surgery, patients must:

  • Be well-prepared;
  • Be in good overall health without any secondary diseases;
  • Have no added risk-factors;
  • Have a support system at-home to assist in their recovery.

Traditional Knee Replacement vs. Outpatient Knee Replacement in Louisiana

An outpatient knee replacement and a traditional knee replacement are carried out the same. The procedure itself will be identical to a hospital replacement. The differences in an outpatient surgery lie in the pre-op preparation, the length of hospital stay, and the location of post-op recovery.

The end result of knee replacement surgery is a new joint that is rid of your diseased bone and cartilage. In its place are artificial man-made parts that afford you greater function and mobility, and less pain than your natural, troubled joint.

Step-by-Step Guide to a Same-Day Knee Replacement in Louisiana

 1. Pre-Op Preparation: Before outpatient knee replacement surgery, it’s imperative that you’ve been vetted by your surgeon as a patient who fits the criteria for a same-day surgery. This means that you have a healthy BMI, are low-risk, have a comfortable at-home environment to recover in, have support and so forth.

2. Surgery Day: Once you are admitted to the outpatient center, your “express knee replacement” experience begins. Before surgery, all of your vital signs will be checked. When everything is measured and checks out, your surgeon will mark up your surgical leg for the incision. Next, you and your surgeon’s preferred anesthesia will be administered and surgery begins!

3. After Surgery: Average time from admission to discharge is 6.25 hours for total hip replacements and 7.1 hours for total knee replacements. After surgery, you will wake-up and likely meet with your surgeon, nurses, a physical therapist and maybe even a social worker. Your care team will share how your surgery went and prepare you for a discharge. They will give you the information you need for taking pain medication, schedule your at-home physical therapy, and provide other materials to help you recover.

 Knowing what to expect on surgery day for any surgery allows you to feel more prepared and reduces stress and anxiety. This is especially true for an outpatient knee replacement in Louisiana, as it is less common and there are fewer accounts of what the procedure actually entails. If you would like to know if you are a candidate, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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