Reasons Why Women Get Labial Reduction in Scottsdale

Reasons why women consider having such a delicate, sensitive area of their body operated on are quite similar. This is regardless of who they are, what age or stage of life they are in, what they do for a living, physical activities they enjoy, etc. Today we’re going to discuss the most common reasons why women opt for the labial reduction in Scottsdale.

Here are some of the top reasons why women seek labial reduction surgery:

  • Women feel uncomfortable with all the extra tissue “down there”;
  • They feel self-conscious changing in public at the gym or the club;
  • Women feel like their labia tissue will fall out of thong underwear and cause embarrassment (or they have had this happen!);
  • They feel uncomfortable riding a bicycle due to extra labia minora tissue that hurts when compressed against the bike seat;
  •  Women may have discomfort during physical activities such as running, doing yoga or having intercourse;
  •  Women need to move the extra flaps of mucosa and skin (labia minora) out of the way so that they can pee straight;
  • The extra tissue gets stuck to their inner thigh when not being held in place by undergarments, causing pain and irritation

Labial reduction in Scottsdale is nothing to be embarrassed about, and it can greatly help increase comfort with physical activities, while improving body image and self-esteem for a woman.

How can labial reduction help you?

Labial reduction helps to address all the issues listed above in a simple, outpatient procedure that takes just under two hours to perform. The patients are brought into the operating room asleep, completely relaxed, and with the benefit of additional local anesthetic on board when they wake up. The labial reduction does NOT involve surgery of the inner vagina, nor does it do perform magic to tighten the vaginal walls.

Thinking that you might be interested in labial reduction is nothing to be embarrassed about! Many women don’t even know this procedure existed until they went online to research “am I normal?” and “what can be done to help me?”.

The goal for labial reduction patients is to allow them to move forward after surgery and forget this area of their body was ever a problem for them! However, just like having a crooked nose, outstanding ears or a body part that is interfering with you living the life you want to live comfortably (such as a breast reduction) – if it is affecting your quality of life in a negative way, then it is very reasonable for a woman to consider this procedure.

Labial reduction in Scottsdale enables women to feel more comfortable and lose their self-consciousness about this area of their body. Most patients are very happy they have had the surgery, and they do forget about this issue altogether after they have healed!

What is the recovery process following labial reduction?

Every patient’s recovery is different, but:

• Light exercise can typically resume in about 4 to 6 weeks;
• Sex can resume right around 6 weeks;
• Only one week off work is normally needed.

By three months, the area is well on the way to its new form and in a full year, there are little signs of surgery.

Not happy with what’s going on “down there”? Call our office today to schedule a consultation so we can determine if you are a candidate for labial reduction in Scottsdale.

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