According to a new Canada Sexual Assault statistics report. Police has reported that sexual assault cases in Canada have moved from 59 per day to 74 per day.

39% of women aged 16 to 24 experienced an act of violence in the last year. Statistics also show that one in every five women in Canada/America will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime.

These are SHOCKING statistics

Sexual assault is an explicit act of physical assault that involves the forceful imposition of an individual on another for sexual purposes without the consent of the affected individual. In recent times, cases of sexual assault recorded involve more females than it does males. However, over the years, the aftermath of a sexual assault has left more bad than good.

Owing to the consistency of this act and its effect on its victims, what should be put in place to ensure absolute freedom from being a future victim of the act and to an extent, put a hold to the recurrence of sexual assault? There are several practices to push forward abstinence from the act and saving the heads of the likely victims.

Sexual assault could be attempted by anybody- a friend, family member, classmate, coworker, and neighbor, among others. (This is, however, not to suggest that our greatest suspect from now on should be the closest set of people to us. This should be understood with caution). We would, therefore, consider some of the categories of people that fall into the sphere of sexual assault:

  • The media-savvy people: These are the set of people that spend a good amount of time in the social world. They have their best fronds online and found solace in chatting! Funny enough, these people fall into the category of those that wake up and check their mobile devices first without even confirming first if their legs can work for the day.
  • Students: These are the set of people that have a part of their lives outside the reach of their parents or guardians. They take a lot of decisions on their own and have a considerable amount of independence.
  • Dependent people: These are the ones that need to share a part of their lives with probably a friend, a senior colleague, or a coworker.

As sexually assaulted people have been categorized into these three groups (for the purpose of this article), the most effective means of protection from being assaulted would be considered below:

  • How you present yourself;

Be careful about how you dress. Wearing flashy jewelry or revealing clothing will attract attention, especially if you are alone. The point isn’t to completely refrain from wearing any clothing like this, just consider where you’ll be going, the time of day, what kind of neighborhood you’re in, and whether you will be traveling with trusted friends or alone.

Many sexual assaults are committed by someone whom the victim knew. It’s important for you to set the tone and dictate to others how you expect them to treat you. Let others know acceptable and unacceptable ways of treating you. It’s OK to be friendly and polite but at the first sign of unacceptable behavior, be firm and make it very clear what your boundaries and guidelines are.

Also, your body language is important. It’s important to understand what messages you are sending to others. Attackers will choose their victim based on whom they feel will be an easy target. Make yourself appear confident and walk with a sense of purpose. Keep your head up and maintain eye contact to keep from appearing timid. The main thing is to avoid looking like a helpless victim, or easy prey.

  • Avoid getting drunk with strangers. It is always the best to do what you love doing best sometimes, but it would be a great risk to take some shots while in the hands of someone you know little or nothing about. Drink and do not forget to leave consciousness.
  • Ensure your privacy and safety first while asking for help in an online forum. Never rely on whoever is solving your emotional or financial needs online to the extent of revealing sensitive and confidential information about yourself. Reveal your needs but keep some important information about yourself back for your safety.
  • Create a distraction. Be vigilant when you are being faced with a circumstance that could suggest sexual assault. Be prompted to create a distraction by chipping in sharp but relevant topics that could swerve the mention in the air. For instance, an individual of the opposite sex should be asked questions like “are you here alone?” when it seems the atmosphere is tense.
  • Carry a self-defense weapon and use it. They are a lot of self-defense weapons that you can use like pepper sprays and stun guns. Don’t be afraid to use them when needed.

These and some other tips have been tested and proven to be efficient when it comes to curbing sexual assault!

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