Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment

Spinal Manipulation for Lower Back Pain

There are different ways of managing lower back pain with the most common being lower back pain chiropractic treatment. Our lower backs are comprised of spinal joints, nerve roots, and intervertebral disks. Damage to the delicate features often results in acute or chronic lower back pain. In some people, lower back pain is linked to torn muscles and ligaments.

Chiropractic lower back pain chiropractic treatment in West Bloomfield, MI services have helped many people recover from excruciating back pain. Chiropractors focus on spinal manipulation and other techniques that deal with the musculoskeletal structure, joints, bones, and connective tissues to relieve lower back pain.

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Strained back, neck, and hip muscles cause lower back pain. Torn muscles and ligaments often cause acute pain and damage to the discs, nerves and spinal joints leading to chronic back pain.

Chiropractic treatment strengthens the muscles and helps your body to repair the torn tissues naturally.

Why Should You Choose Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment?

1. It is safe

Unlike surgical procedures to alleviate back pain, chiropractic treatments are safe. They have fewer side effects. A chiropractor will assess your condition, come up with the right diagnosis, and formulate the best treatment plan for your pain.

2. It accelerates the healing process

Chiropractors focus on spinal manipulation and other techniques that allow the back to heal on its own without the need for surgical intervention. Under the right conditions, your body can heal itself. Chiropractors help to align your back so the healing process can take place.

They also collaborate with physicians and orthopedics in the case of severe injuries and trauma.

3. It is effective for acute pain

Lower back pain can result from sudden movements, which tear the muscles. Chiropractic treatments help to treat pain from sports injuries and minor accidents. In addition to relieving the lower back pain, manipulation of the muscles and ligaments can help you to regain your mobility without the need for surgical intervention.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

4. It enhances good sleep

Sometimes, lower back pain is caused by poor sitting posture. Lower back pain can affect your sleep pattern and duration. Spinal manipulation, massage therapy, stretching, and other chiropractic therapies can resolve your lower back pain discomfort so you can get a good night’s rest.

The Bottom Line

Lower back pain is among the leading causes of disability worldwide. In fact, 7.7 million Americans visit chiropractors for back pain every year. A Certified chiropractor can mitigate your back so you can get back to your daily routine.

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