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Is Swimming Good Exercise After Breast Surgery?

Women who have experienced breast cancer, chemotherapy, and subsequent surgeries are often filled with worries and questions about their bodies and what the future will look like:

“Will people be able to tell I had a mastectomy when I wear a swimsuit?”  

“How will I lose this weight I gained during chemo?”

“Will I be able to exercise?”

“Will my summer clothes and swimsuits still fit?”

“Am I ever going to feel as strong as I did before surgery?”

The good news is, while these are all justified worries, there are solutions for each of them as long as you start slowly.


Many women want to get right back into exercise after a breast surgery for a variety of reasons, most commonly to regain strength and to lose weight that is often gained during chemotherapy.  Doctors and surgeons champion exercise as a way to recover, as well as to ensure that muscle atrophy doesn’t occur.

Swimming is an excellent place to start getting back into a fitness routine.  Swimming is a full-body exercise that puts little strain on joints due to the buoyancy of water.  Swimming is excellent for strengthening the core, which is an important muscle group to work on post-breast surgery.  Many women experience changes in posture after a mastectomy, which is perfectly normal, and a strong core and back are essential to maintaining good posture.

Swimming is not only low-impact, but exercising in water also helps to keep body temperature down.  For those women who are taking artificial hormones, or experiencing menopausal symptoms, hot flashes can cause the body to rise to dangerous temperatures during physical activity.  For this reason, swimming is a great choice for exercise for all women regardless of your stage of life.


Another common concern for women post-breast surgery is swimwear and the self-consciousness that may accompany wearing a swimsuit afterward.  Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in swimsuits for mastectomy and breast cancer survivors. Many mastectomy client specialty shops allows consumers to buy mastectomy swimsuits online with ease, as well as other products such as leisure wear, head scarves, medical alert bracelets, intimates, and breast forms for general use, leisure, and swim.  

One thing that women tend to be self-conscious about post-breast surgery is how their breasts will look in swimwear, and if their breast forms will work in a swimsuit where they will get wet.  Having the option to purchase breast forms that work for any purpose gives peace to those who are feeling a little uneasy about more revealing clothing, or exercising with breast forms in place.

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If you are looking to start the recovery and strength-building process, swimming is a great place to begin engaging your muscles and learning about your “new” body.  Check out The Mastectomy Shop to buy mastectomy swimsuits online, and also to look at different breast forms that are recommended for use with swimsuits.  

A strong body, a cute swimsuit, and peace of mind are all you need to feel confident in the pool.

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