Tree Removal

Ten Essential Things to Consider Before Tree Removal

Tree Removal1. There are plenty of risks involved before removing a tree. These could be from wildlife, electrical wiring, fencing in the areas around the trees, some buildings which the trees could be located nearby et al.

2. One needs to take an overall view on the matter before removing a tree. There are occasions when one does not wish to make use of big machinery to come into one’s garden area or in the farm where the tree or trees are located. Not just the money factor, there are other reasons that the equipment may displace some other plants or greenery in the surroundings.

3. Take a good look at the tree before removing it. Not just look, but even knock on it to check if it is hollow from inside or not. If such is the case, one needs to be alert if it will fall with just a bit of axing on it. If it is hard, solid wood from inside, more work will be needed to chop it down.

4. Get a hand of the matter before you get into it. Ask the tree removal company how long it will take to complete the process. Plan your work and other things related to this one process simultaneously to prevent any lengthening of the total time period.

5. The Occupational Health Administration lays down certain guidelines to be followed by the personnel who are involved in the tree removal process. This is for their safety and well being and to avoid any mishaps from happening. Do make it a point to follow the laid down procedures carefully without compromising on them in any which way.

6. Try to determine beforehand the drop zone or the place where the tree is likely to fall. This should be free of any obstacles or any room or any structure already present on it. Take care to select a level area as this will reduce chances any rolling or bouncing of the tree as it falls to the ground.

7. Though it may seem or sound funny, but try to take cover when the tree is falling by running away from the scene. This will minimize chances of any injuries to the people involved in the process.

8. The person who is actually doing the cutting or the sawing should not stand right behind the tree. As it falls, it may just snap and a portion of the tree may come right at this one person. Severe and at times serious injuries may also happen at this time.

9. Make it a point not to use a chainsaw to fell the tree if it does not fall after cutting or sawing it. Use a rope, instead for this purpose.

10. While hiring a professional tree cutting removal company, check their facts and figures and their certification. This should be in order before you take them on for the job. Tree removal is no mean job that any Tom, Dick or Harry can attempt it without prior training.

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