Reputation Management

The Basics of Online Personal Reputation Management

To get yourself a good opening in the job market, one needs to portray oneself in the best manner possible. One of the first things that any human resources professional does is to check up on the facts and figures you have presented in your CV via the net. It is also a fact that while doing a google search on a professional, the recruiter should come up with something really good and substantial within the first three pages connected with the person concerned. If this does not happen, one can get into trouble finding good placement. Also, some details should be available on you on the net. If they are completely missing, there an be misnomers connected with you which pop up in the recruiter’s mind. Why is this person so obsure? Has he or she changed his name to hide something which went amiss with his or her career? Scores of such doubts can crop up.

Since it is known that recruiters do search online, make sure of the following: firstly, that you are who you portray yourself as; second you are presenting a true and correct picture about your achievements; third, you are aware of the power of the net. You also need to keep certain other things in mind. First, that another person with your name, if and when comes up on the net, is not mistaken for you. This is more so when the concerned person is known for some wrong doing. Also, if your name is the same as that of a famous personality will also get camouflaged. This again, poses a bit of a problem.

One also has to make sure that too much data about you, especially information which does not show you in a very positive manner is not available online. Try to knock out this data, especially if it is available on facebook or twitter where you can erase some information. Also, try to increase the number of posts which present you positively so that it is this data which pops up in the first few pages about you while searching the net. It is a known thing that Google searches first show your facebook, twitter and linked in pages. These should be done up well and very present you very positively.

Google out your name every now and then to see what all comes in about you. If you find a lot of negativity, try changing the letters of your name to something a little different in your linkedin, twitter or facebook. This is just to have some sort of newish identity which may help to circumvent the previous one which was more harmful than useful. For linked in, choose the same name which you have in your visiting business cards. Otherwise, there may be a lot of confusion floating around about who you actually are or for that matter, are not!

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