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So now that you have your irrigation system running, how do you maintain it? How do you save yourself the excessive cost that comes with irrigation repair? An average homeowner expects his irrigation to function for years without carrying out any irrigation repairs. One thing they all fail to know is that just like every other equipment, there will time when maintenance practices will have to be carried out. You cannot buy a car and not expect that you will carry out the necessary repairs, at least you will have a flat tire and will need to pump it. 

One way to avoid all these unnecessary costs that comes with repairs is by practicing maintenance for your system. Keeping your irrigation system in perfect condition will at the end will be of immense benefit to you. This article highlights six common tips to maintaining your irrigation system. 

1.Take a look at the sprinkler head

While your system might seem to be working well, you do not just want to assume that they are ok. As time goes on, the sprinkler head can get damaged. Ranging from damages from lawnmowers, regular wear, and tear, clogging by dirt and debris, and also fault that might come from improper installation. Maintaining your irrigation system comes with frequent check on the sprinkler head, ensuring they are properly placed above the soil level to prevent clogging, quick replacement in case of damage to conserve water, and also ensure your lawn is kept green. 

2.Inspect the irrigation system

Carry out regular inspections of the whole irrigation system to look for leaks, distorted lines, or misplaced sprinkler heads. All these mistakes can lead to loss of money in the case of water, and energy use. If you notice one side of your lawn is completely dry and another waterlogged, this simply tells you that there is a leakage somewhere, or the water is not being sprinkled evenly on the lawn. 

3.Watch the sprinkler head

Ensure you replace or repair damaged sprinkler heads. A frequent maintenance check of the system will let you know when the head is damaged and not functioning properly. Numerous service providers can help with your irrigation system repair in Tampa.

4.Flush your irrigation system

When there is a clog in the irrigation system, there could be a loss of water or reduction of water produced. Unless you flush the system once in a while, debris might clog the whole system. This is why you need to carry out the maintenance check to ensure that each sprinkler head is not clogged, and if so quicly reach out to an irrigation system repair in Tampa.



5.Schedule your watering

Plants are known to need more water as they are growing, but once they mature, their water need decreases. It will be a waste if you keep supplying them the same amount of water even as they have matured. Scheduling of watering is usually done after planting, but many homeowners do not do this. Too much water can damage the plants and the whole landscape. So how do you go about this? Install a rain sensor that automatically shuts off the system once it senses that rain is about to fall. Even without rain, as the water need of the plant reduces, so also should you start to water them less. Before you go about scheduling their water intake, examine the water need of the plants. 

6.Check for leaks

Like I said earlier, while you are doing your check on the system, check for leaks. Overhead irrigation does have their lines made from polyethylene tubing. These tubes are reliable, but not strong. They can be damaged when struck by mower blades, shovels, or even chewed by rodents. Should in case you see any leak, cut out that part and couple back the tube with another piece to avoid a regular irrigation repair.

Who does not love a green lawn? But how do you keep this up if you ignore any irrigation repair you are meant to carry out? Prevention they say is better than a cure. It’s better you maintain a better system than spend more in carrying out repairs that are abandoned or oftentimes overlooked.  

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