Ear Problems in Cats

Unlike humans, when animals suffer an ailment, they may be suffering in silence. Hence, if you have a pet, you wouldn’t love to see it develop any medical disorder. Worst still, most visits to veterinary doctors are expensive.

Ear problem is one of the most common problems found in cats. The major cause of ear problems in cats is ear mites. Ear mites in cats are contagious and caused by contact with an infected cat. If you notice it in your cat, it is essential that you treat it immediately. If left untreated, ear mites and other ear problems may cause discomfort and impair your cat’s hearing ability. Moreover, it can lead to an odor coming from your cats’ ears.

Luckily, there are inexpensive natural remedies for ear mites in cats. This article will discuss five natural home remedies for ear problems in cats.

Natural Remedies for Ear Problems in Cats

natural remedies for ear mites in cats

There are many natural remedies for ear mites in cats. The popular ones include the following:

    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Ear miticides
    • Garlic powder and coconut oil
    • Olive oil
    • The root of a yellow dock
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

If you suspect your cat has caught mites, has bacterial or yeast infection, or is suffering from any other ear problem, then you can clean its ear with apple cider vinegar. Mix an equal proportion of water and apple cider vinegar and dip a cotton swab into the mixture. Then use the cotton swab to clean the outer ear of your cat. Then, soak the swab in the solution again and press it on the cat’s ear so that the fluid can drop slowly into the inner ear. Do not let too much quantity get into the inner ear.

  • Ear Miticides

Ear miticides are ear drops that are formulated to kill ear mites in cats and other pets. They are available in pet stores and are not expensive. You can discuss the best ear miticides with your vet doctor or simply go to the pet store and let them recommend one for you. Any brand will likely be effective as they all contain almost the same active ingredients. Get a bottle of ear miticide and gently apply a few drops on the affected ear. However, read the instruction on the bottle carefully before you apply it.

  • Garlic Powder and Coconut Oil

 Coconut Oil Remmidies for Cat

Another natural remedy for ear mites in cats is a mixture of garlic powder and coconut oil. You can clean your cat’s ear with a mixture of garlic powder and coconut oil if you suspect parasites like mites in its ear. To prepare this natural remedy for ear mites in cats, add a pinch of garlic in the powdery form to a tablespoon of coconut oil in a cup. Then make a cotton wool pad and soak it in the oil. When it is fully soaked, press it gently on the outer ear of your cat. Let the fluid drip slowly into the inner ear. Then you can manually drain the liquid with dirt that might have accumulated in the ear.

  • Olive Oil

As olive oil is good as a remedy for many ailments in humans, so is it for animals. However, care needs to be taken when using olive oil to treat ear mites in cats. If your vet doctor gives you the go-ahead, then apply two or three drops of olive oil directly into the ear of your cat and massage the ear upward. This will clean the ear. If there are mites there, it will also kill and clean them. You can gently wipe away any dirt or mite that comes out of the ear.

  • The Root of a Yellow Dock

The last among the natural remedies for ear mites in cats we will consider is the extract of the roots of a yellow dock. A yellow dock is a plant which fruits and roots have many medicinal uses. Among what it is famous for is its use for treating infections. To treat ear mites in cats with yellow dock root, get the extract from the root and mix it with little water. Then soak a cotton swab in the mixture and apply it to your cat’s ear. Let the liquid slowly seep into the cat’s inner ear. You can repeat it once in two days for two weeks.


Ear problems in cats may cause itching and discomfort for the animal. It may also lead to infection. Among the most common causes of ear problems in cats is ear mites, usually caused by contact with an infected animal. There are many natural remedies for ear mites in cats and other cat’s ear problems. These include a mixture of coconut oil and garlic powder, apple cider vinegar. And yellow dock root. Other natural remedies include olive oil and ear miticides.

There’s no happier pet than a healthy pet. So, ensure you always make your pet happy.

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